Letters to the Editor

Palazzolo letter: Education ad

While I applaud the effort to ramp up public support for education in Idaho, I find the full-page ad in the Jan. 21 Idaho Statesman misleading. The ad’s banner statement is “48th in K-12.” This statement made me think that we rank 48th in student achievement, and as an Idaho teacher, I did not think that was correct. I looked up the web address that was helpfully provided. The referenced Education Week study gave the 48th ranking to Idaho based on a combination of three categories: Chance for Success, School Finance and K-12 Achievement. In the K-12 Achievement category, our overall ranking was 31st; in the “Current Performance” subcategory of K-12 Achievement, we rank 29th. In the School Finance category, we rank 49th. A more accurate first statement for this ad would be “49th in School Spending.” Without that clarification, the ad is providing inaccurate impressions of the achievements of Idaho students.

Karen Palazzolo, Boise