Letters to the Editor

Gassi letter: Grocery tax

The state’s tax on groceries should be removed during the 2018 legislative session. You might remember in 2017 when the majority of both the House and Senate passed legislation to repeal the grocery tax and tax credit starting in summer 2018. Governor Otter sidestepped the Legislature with an unpopular veto of the plan.

Since then, endorsing grocery tax removal has become a mainstay of gubernatorial primary campaigns. This reflects the will of Idahoans. According to the 2018 Idaho Public Policy Survey there is twice as much support for removing the tax on groceries than there is for reducing state income tax rates. Support peaked in Speaker of the House Scott Bedke’s backyard, where according to the Times-News 73 percent of respondents favored grocery tax removal over income tax reductions.

Tax experts project recent federal tax reform will give upwards of a $100 million windfall to Idaho’s revenue. Just like last year, efforts are underway to have the Legislature vote on this issue. Removing Idaho’s tax on groceries should be at the forefront of the tax cut discussion.

Christina Stucker Gassi, Meridian