Letters to the Editor

Fahnestock letter: Vote Raul Labrador

It is time for things to change. It is frustrating trying to interact with state bureaucrats, and having complaints fall on deaf ears. Right now, there’s no easy way to report customer service problems, or even full-on waste or corruption in state government.

This will change once we elect Raul Labrador to the office of governor.

Raul has a plan that will launch an anonymous reporting hotline, making it easy and safe for citizens and even government whistleblowers to anonymously report waste and corruption. Labrador has also proposed setting up a truly independent entity to investigate allegations of fraud, theft, embezzlement, waste, abuse and mismanagement in state government.

If you agree that government should be accountable to the people, then join me in voting for Raul Labrador for governor. I’m excited to see the changes that his leadership will bring to the state of Idaho.

Joyce Fahnestock, Eagle