Letters to the Editor

Crotser letter: Vote Raul Labrador

I was intrigued when I read Raul Labrador’s plan to create the Governor’s Office of Innovation and Economic Competitiveness. According to his plan this office will work with entrepreneurs, educational institutions, industry partners, state agencies and regional economic development organizations to coordinate efforts creating public policy across state government that focuses on strengthening Idaho’s economy.

Thank goodness, and it’s about time. Let’s bring all the players to the table, identify the needs and pull together a strategic strong economic development plan for Idaho. The amount of expertise, business savvy and pure skill of a group like this will be astounding. What an exciting fresh idea to help the Idaho economy grow and provide good jobs.

Refocusing the mission of the Department of Commerce to become an economic development driver is also an excellent idea.

Congratulations Raul and your economic development advisors for this bold getter done idea. I look forward to you as our next governor.

Jon Crotser, Marsing