Letters to the Editor

Eisenbarth letter: The Statesman and Democrats

Letters, cartoons and opinions to the Statesman’s editor that slam conservatism generally and President Trump specifically are definitely given favorable space. Forget actual GOP achievements, the Statesman feels compelled to give any negative comment, factual or not, its day … preferentially. The Democratic party in the aggregate behaves like an insect collective. Like a bee hive with a queen and all her worker bees. When she sends out a hormonal instruction all follow without thought and absolute obedience. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi whine and all Democrats whine in cadence, without thought or challenge. And all of this is dutifully published. Not one Congressional Democrat voted for the tax bill. Not one sees a good thing for their own constituents? Or are they part of the Schumer/Pelosi collective with all Democrats controlled by Schumer’s and Pelosi’s congressional districts. The Democratic leadership is practicing politics of envy and are a hair’s breath from socialistic paranoia. They are promoting class conflict for the sake of conflict between the owners of property and the means of production and the laborer, the working class to destroy economic progress for political control. Achievements deserve more air time or is the Statesman part of the mindless collective?

Bill A. Eisenbarth, Caldwell