Letters to the Editor

Holleran letter: Mayor’s legacy

We have watched with growing concern Mayor Bieter’s attempts to build a lasting personal legacy in Boise. First, it was the downtown trolley. Then it was bike lanes (including the $91,000 bike lane in front of his office). Now, it’s a downtown stadium.

We have a better idea that will cement his legacy as one of the best mayors ever in Boise: be the mayor who rids the town of geese. Like it or not, Boise has become a sanctuary city for geese and it is obviously very well known in the geese community as evidenced by the continuing increase in goose population. And while Boise is certainly one of the most welcoming communities on the planet, it’s time to close our doors to these unwanted immigrants. They are rapidly taking over our community, and given their hereditary Canadian roots, it’s time to say “enough, eh.”

Please, Mr. Mayor, be a leader and build your lasting legacy as the man who says “no more” to these undocumented honkers and fly them back to where they came from.

John Holleran, Boise