Letters to the Editor

Wesche letter: Immigrants

Can this be the America we want? That our ancestors fought and died for? Suddenly, we have become a police state. Show your papers or else. Innocent people, who came here as did many of our ancestors, either to flee misery and hopelessness for an opportunity, or as children with no choice, are now being denied the American dream for no decent reason. In the 1930s Hitler had his SS track down a half-million Jews for deportation and extermination. Today, Trump has his ICE track down millions of immigrants for deportation. Suddenly, century-old American values are junked for those of a self-appointed demigod, a group of oligarchs. Of the several million immigrants admitted to this country in the past decade, 402 were guilty of terrorist activity, hardly a “truly chilling” number as claimed by the Trump administration. The vast majority of immigrants have respectable jobs, contribute to the economy, pay taxes — in many cases probably more then Trump. Their only “wrong” was a courageous effort to flee oppression and poverty for a chance.

Lilburn Wesche, Ed.D., Boise