Letters to the Editor

Reyburn letter: Korean cadets

We recently hosted two Korea Army Academy Cadets in our home for a program called Heroes Remembered. The sole purpose of Joonchang Lee and Taehwan Park, the two 25-year-old cadets, coming to America was to personally thank Korean War veterans for their service and sacrifice in saving their country from communism, which allows them to remain a free and prosperous nation almost seven decades later.

Idaho was the first state and we were the first MIA family honored to host cadets. There were many individuals and organizations that rolled out the red carpet for the cadets and our veterans that, without them, the cadets could not have accomplished their mission; James Earp, Idaho State Veterans Cemetery; Denny Neibaur, VFW Post 63 Commander; Sen. Marv Hagedorn; Sue Paul and Ron Dale, Warhawk Air Museum; Jo Ann Daron and Rick Holloway, Idaho State Veterans Home; Tori Shockey and Jan Cluff, Congressman Labrador’s office; and Jae Ryu, Korean-American Association.

The South Koreans are extremely appreciative of our servicemen and women and all who sacrificed. Let us hope this good fellowship between our people continues with future generations. God bless all who served. God bless America. God bless the Republic of Korea.

Jorja and Clyde Reyburn, Star