Letters to the Editor

Flores letter: Marsy’s Law

Idaho’s crime victims need Marsy’s Law.

Nearly 15 years ago, my daughter, Angie Leon, was shot and killed by her estranged husband. Three weeks shy of her 22nd birthday, my daughter was taken from me and her three children. For the rest of our lives, we’ll be the victims of this senseless crime.

Soon, the Idaho Legislature will have an opportunity to take an important step for the crime victims of today and tomorrow. A campaign known as Marsy’s Law for Idaho will introduce a proposed constitutional amendment that aims to update and strengthen victims’ rights.

I’m writing to urge legislators to vote “Yes” on Marsy’s Law so Idaho voters can ultimately decide whether to provide victims more protection, a stronger voice and rights equal to those afforded defendants.

For example, Marsy’s Law for Idaho would require that victims be notified in cases when an offender escapes or absconds from parole. I know from experience and statistics that victims remain vulnerable to retribution by an offender, and notification is critical to guarding against additional violence or loss of life.

This is why I’m hoping readers will join me in telling legislators to put Marsy’s Law on the November ballot.

Sylvia Flores, Nampa