Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Political parties

It’s time for Americans to realize continued dependence on a totally dominant two-party political system is destroying our democracy. Despite clear evidence of ineffective and corrupt leadership, the Republican and Democratic parties have succeeded in becoming too big to fail. For the immediate future, voters must be resigned to the fact their choice will be between the lesser of two evils.

The die is already cast for the elections in 2018 and 2020. In making Donald Trump the face of their party, Republicans decided sleeping with the devil was their path to continued government control. His appeal to big business, wealthy campaign contributors, white supremacists and the religious right ensures a loyal Republican base.

Democrats are optimistic because Will Rogers once observed that both political parties are bad but the one in power is always worse. Their candidates must convince voters they aren’t socialists and only want to reduce the greed and corruption responsible for the widening gap between America’s middle class and the super rich. Democrats do have a head start because a majority of voters already agree with their stance on income inequality, social issues, global warming, affordable universal health care, immigration reform and sensible gun control.

Sandy Jones, Boise