Letters to the Editor

Gabriel letter: Visitors seats at BSU stadium

In reply to the complaint of the location of the visitors section at BSU football games by Mr. Fritsch, I do thank him for offering to bring his friend to the Air Force game and also to the student in the ticket office who thought he might feel more comfortable in the visitors section with other Air Force supporters. It was Mr. Fritsch’s choice to sit there.

I think that we treat visitors very well in seating. Section 8 starts about the 25 yard line into the end zone. The seating at other venues for visitors is as follows: Washington State — behind the end zone, Oregon State — behind the end zone into the end zone, Washington — behind the end zone and in the upper reaches in the four corners, Fresno — end zone, Wyoming — end zone, Utah State — end zone, Hawaii — behind the end zone in a pretty much empty stadium, and Air Force — behind the end zone. So the placements of the visitors for Boise State is very generous in comparison with other teams we play. Even though they seat us there, we still travel with our Broncos. Hope they enjoyed the game.

Keith Gabriel, Meridian