Letters to the Editor

Engelbert letter: F-35s and light rail

Be careful what you wish for.

Having lived in Tucson for 35 years, southern Arizona experienced exactly what the Boise Metro area is experiencing when it comes to two things. 1) F-35s. 2) Light rail.

1) Tucson killed the F-35 because those living near the airport and Davis Montana AFB thought it would be too loud. A $50 million a year project was turned down.

2) Tucson invested in light rail. The original investment was proposed at $90 million for a four-mile stretch. $70 million was coming from a federal government grant. Eventually the four-year project killed nearly 30 small businesses along the four-mile stretch and cost overruns went to $190 million with an overlooked $4-$5 million a year maintenance. The city and county still remain each close to a billion dollars in debt and the ridership since 2014 when it was completed has declined each year. I’m not saying every economic boost is a good one but sometimes you have to weigh the cost benefit instead of a purely emotional reaction. Boise is growing and will continue to need economic dollars coming into the Treasure Valley.

Jeff Engelbert, Eagle