Letters to the Editor

Trino letter: NFL protests

I love football and I know there are many admirable men in the game, however it is a shame that the ones getting all the press are the less-than-admirable ones. I don’t think some of them actually know what the heck they are doing and why and for whom.

Now let’s take golf. Fine fellows, good sportsmanship (with the singular exception of one that comes to mind) and the sport raises gazillions of dollars for charities. Consider the young lady that recently won a big LPGA tournament and donated her entire winnings to help people in Texas after the devastation. That was consequently matched by her sponsor. Think of the money that Jack Nicklaus and many others like him raise for charities. Think of the example of Arnold Palmer and all the fine young men coming behind these paragons. How about Phil Mickelson. Wow, can you imagine any golf course that allows tournaments at their course condoning disrespect to the national flag? I don’t think so.

I love the game, but shame on football and those associated with it.

Not many diamonds in golfers’ ears, they are too classy for that.

Carolyn Trino, McCall