Letters to the Editor

Nelson letter: Helmet law

I am 9 years old. I am writing because I have heard that many adults have died or have been seriously injured this summer because they were not wearing a motorcycle helmet. In Idaho, it is a law to wear a motorcycle helmet if you are 17 or younger, but adults 18 and older don’t have to. I think adults should have to wear a helmet for these reasons:

In states without a motorcycle helmet wearing law, 59 percent of people in motorcycle crashes were killed. In states with helmet laws, 8 percent of the people in motorcycle crashes were killed.

Twenty-four of 26 states that got rid of their helmet laws had an average of 25 percent more motorcycle deaths.

Twenty-eight states require younger people to wear a helmet. Three states do not require one at all. Nineteen states currently require all ages to wear a helmet.

I wrote a letter to Governor Otter and my legislators telling them I think there should be a law requiring all ages to wear a motorcycle helmet. I think it is important to keep all Idahoans safe on the road.

Anneka Nelson, Boise