Letters to the Editor

Ogden letter: Mike Simpson

Blowback. Rep. Mike Simpson labeled President Trump and his family as a “Distraction” in a recent published interview. I have a D word for Mike: Disappointment. Even as Simpson has never liked or supported the Trumps, I have never liked Simpson, but I have voted for him. No more. There is a revolution afoot in this country to secure our liberties from the leftists and self serving politicians such as Simpson. What has he done in his political career except tie up more federal land (White Clouds) more securely so that it can be destroyed by fire and insects through neglectful leftist federal environmental policies. A few years back I wrote to Simpson’s office about the Mexican border wall security issues and the impact of illegal immigration on Idaho and the nation. He or his staff sent me a letter calling me a racist. Instead of helping President Trump, Simpson piles on with the leftist media and stabs him in the back. Simpson is part of the problem. Time for him to go. If the Republican Party wants my vote for Simpson’s seat next election, they better field someone else. I am a lifetime voting registered Republican voter.

Dave Ogden, Boise