Letters to the Editor

Lyons letter: The passing of Chance

About 27 years ago the Idaho Statesman ran a story about a man and his horse. The man is Bob Lyons and the horse was Chance, an Arabian Stallion. The original story told of Bob and his favorite pastime, endurance riding. Bob was a very experienced endurance rider who has completed thousands of miles on his horses, and won many awards doing so.

If you have ever ridden a horse or gone on a long drive through the Eagle foothills, you may have passed by Chance in his pasture. The Lyons moved into their Eagle foothills home 41 years ago. Then, this was one of the very few houses in Eagle. Five years later, they brought baby Chance home to join them in this Eagle residence. Now Eagle has grown and the house where Chance lived is one in a sea of houses.

Sadly, Chance has recently passed away on July 3rd, at 36 years old. Though retired from endurance riding about 15 years ago, Chance was always well visible running in his pasture along Willow Creek Road. Now, if you are passing through, you won’t see him anymore but you may hear a distant whinny, and it’s Chance saying “Happy Trails.”

Joan Lyons, Eagle