Letters to the Editor

Wood letter: Oil and gas leases

According to an Idaho Department of Lands report dated April 23, 2014, oil and gas leases were awarded for 3,281 acres in Ada County. As a homeowner in Eagle, I am very concerned about the increased possibility of earthquakes in Ada County should active oil and gas production ensue. According to the USGS, wastewater is the primary cause of recent earthquakes in the central United States. Part of the drilling process can include the disposal of the wastewater through underground injection in deep wells. Per the USGS, “Seismicity can be induced at distances of 10 miles or more away from the injection point and at significantly greater depths than the injection point.” Further, from “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country” (ioem.idaho.org), “All parts of Idaho have at least a moderate threat from earthquake shaking. Moderate earthquake shaking can result in death and injuries and cause substantial damage to buildings, roads, bridges and utilities.” When you couple both sources of government information, this should concern all Idahoans. Additionally, most insurance companies do not cover damage to homeowner property from any facet of oil and gas operations and standard policies do not cover damage from earthquakes.

Nancy Wood, Eagle