Letters to the Editor

Roberts letter: Health care

The call for transparency in the health care debate in Dr. David Pate’s guest opinion piece on July 8 is a welcome one, but his argument would carry more weight if he practiced what he preached. Why didn’t this hospital CEO talk about the outrageous cost of going to a doctor or hospital, or the budget-busting price of drugs? Why didn’t he talk about the vast amounts of money being made in the booming business of medicine?

What would honest, straight talk sound like coming from the medical community?

Something like this: “We are in favor of any government insurance program or any law that requires people to buy insurance because we want to be sure the money keeps rolling in. It doesn’t matter how high taxes have to be raised or how deep our country goes into debt to make this happen so long as doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies get paid.”

A transparent debate would look at the medical monopoly that can raise prices at will. An honest discussion would consider both the rates charged and ways of paying for them.

If Dr. Pate is any indication, the medical community is not ready for a truly transparent debate.

Charles Roberts, Eagle