Letters to the Editor

Rawlings letter: North Korea

To address the North Korean threat, the administration should consider treating China as we treated the USSR in regards to missiles in their client state of Cuba — i.e., if we or our allied nations are attacked by North Korea, we will consider it as an attack by China on the U.S. China will clearly understand that (1) they will lose (e.g., the relative number of available nukes between us and China) and (2) that the Koreas will be reunited as a democratic/capitalistic ally of the U.S. — a situation which China wants to avoid at all costs and will force them to contain North Korea. A similar policy could be made in regards to any nuclear technology/weapons provided by North Korea to third parties that result in a nuclear incident initiated by the third party.

The only downside would be if subsequent administrations change the policy of holding China responsible for North Korea actions after North Korea has developed a viable nuclear arsenal — in which case, we will be living with a nuclear North Korea without recourse to their use. On the other hand, North Korea will eventually develop deliverable nukes as our approach currently stands.

Marcus Rawlings, Eagle