Letters to the Editor

Marsh letter: Religion

Michael Howard had a letter June 26. His error begins when he talks about Christians following their appointed leaders. Generally right, but then he says Jim Jones “persuaded his entire congregation (900) to drink deadly poison.” Talk about rewriting history. Drinking the poisoned Flavor Aid was not really voluntary. A few were killed with guns. Do a search for “Jonestown.” Jones was a Communist deceiving his congregation.

Christians do not blindly follow Franklin Graham. Many Christian leaders, including some pastors with courage, urged support of Trump after he got the Republican nomination. The only political favor we wanted was a return to constitutional government, including the appointment of constitutionalist judges. Democrats wanted Clinton to continue the liberal anti-constitutional “progress” of our country. In other words, they wanted political favors in return for their votes.

Trump may not be evangelical, but he accepted counsel from evangelicals and has a Cabinet that supports evangelical freedom and morality.

There are indications that we are moving back toward traditional morality with freedom of religion — toward the greatness we once had.

Allen Marsh, Nampa