Letters to the Editor

Trino letter: Grammar

In reference to “Disruptive spectators,” a June 23 letter:

I applaud Mr. Fontaine regarding his handling of a disruptive spectator at a sports event he was officiating. Don’t know who that principal was but he had it coming.

However, I simply must note that Mr. Fontaine referred to him as “... older than me.” I don’t know what age Mr. Fontaine is at this time, but as a teacher he should have known it would be correct to say “... older than I.”

I’m not picking on Mr. Fontaine, as he is probably of an age that his education was likely lacking when he should have been learning basic grammar in his grade-school years.

I am not alone in being truly appalled at the injustice a whole generation has suffered at the lack of a good grade-school education.

Please forgive my criticism. It is not intended to embarrass Mr. Fontaine but to make a point about the sad state of primary education in our country.

Carolyn Trino, McCall