Letters to the Editor

Gold letter: Planned Parenthood

It has been law that no taxpayers funds shall be spent by Planned Parenthood on abortions, period. This was reinforced in the ACA. It is fact that this is only 3 percent of the services provided by PP to our communities. Why, then, do the Republicans insist on defunding the other 97 percent of services they provide? Without Planned Parenthood, the health of low-income women (they serve men as well) is in jeopardy. Idaho has a large population that utilizes these services every day. Many citizens who are pro-life, and a Christian, like myself, continue to support Planned Parenthood for the excellent health care they provide to those who do not have easy access to reproductive health care and cannot afford any other type of preventative medical attention. Rural communities are one of the biggest populations served by Planned Parenthood. Where is the plan to replace this important type of health care?

Our lawmakers should not abandon important health care just to keep a campaign promise that apparently some segments of our population don’t really understand.

Deborah Gold, Boise