Letters to the Editor

Davidson letter: Mosquito spraying

A few years ago mosquito spraying was done in the Boise East End near the river. It became the silent summer. The usual sound of crickets that chirp through the night was completely silenced for that entire summer. And what effect will it have on the already devastated population of bees?

I searched Dibrom side effects and found several alarming facts about this pesticide (Naled) — technically a nerve agent. The spray can drift up to a half-mile and is highly toxic to bees, fish and aquatic invertebrates, and somewhat toxic to birds. It breaks down into a chemical called dichlorvos, which has been shown to cause cancer, tumors and leukemia in lab animals. Elevated levels of brain cancer were observed in children of farm families that used dichlorvos. For pregnant animals that were exposed to it, their offspring showed a 15 percent reduction in brain size.

Why are there no public meetings or discussions of the spraying? I did not give my permission to be exposed to pesticides and I never will. You are violating my right to choose.

Jerry Davidson, Boise