Letters to the Editor

Pilkington letter: Mainstream media

I read a story about the Collectivist News Network head honcho lamenting the way his “journalists” were being attacked, and he blamed it on the president.

So I did a little surfing on the Collectivist News Network’s website and saw a story about how the crowd that attended a Bill O’Reilly event was “overwhelmingly white.”

Do you ever think you’d see the mostly white crowd at a Bernie Sanders event described as “overwhelmingly white”? Or better yet, a rap concert crowd as being “overwhelmingly black”? Of course not.

So why do mostly white “journalists” attending conservative events find the racial composition of the crowds to be newsworthy, but not so with liberal events? Simply put, it’s a deliberate, yet subtle, attempt to insinuate that people on the right are white bigots. All mainstream media outlets pull this little trick, and they do it frequently.

The fact they do shows they’re either not intelligent enough to understand that conservatives recognize what they’re doing, or these “journalists” are simply arrogant enough not to care.

As for why so many white liberal “journalists” think it’s hip and trendy to denigrate their own race, well, you’d need a psychologist to hack that one.

Richard Pilkington, Nampa