Letters to the Editor

Taunton letter: GBAD election

The Boise Elevated Board of Directors endorses Kristin Muchow for the position of Greater Boise Auditorium District member. The board believes that Kristin’s energy and proven experience in the hospitality and tourism industry will be an asset to the GBAD leadership. This endorsement is not intended as a negative reflection on the incumbent candidates, Hy Kloc and Judy Peavey-Derr, who are also vying for the two seats in the May 16 election. Boise Elevated acknowledges the accomplishment of the current GBAD leadership to complete the Boise Centre expansion. This re-imagined facility has the potential to add greatly to the vitality of the local economy. Boise Elevated believes that Kristin’s additional “customer focus” at the policy level will aid the GBAD board to successfully deliver on this potential by filling the Centre with events.

Bob Taunton, Boise