Letters to the Editor

Satterwhite letter: East Boise development

The 125 Apartment Barber Hills Vista development project being proposed represents another example of building high-density housing in the wrong surroundings. This project off East Warm Springs contradicts the previous comprehensive plans approved by Boise City and the Barber Valley Harris development over the last 10 years. Under these plans high-density housing has been located along the ParkCenter Boulevard, the main traffic arterial for this type of housing with access to community transit. The developer has stated that increased traffic on Warm Springs is not an issue despite the road being closed for two months due to rocks and roadway maintenance. Additionally, the developer sees no problem with removing in low rated wetlands. Their original plan called for multiple two-story apartments; however, recent revisions show three-story units in the lower section next to the single-family homes in Antelope Springs. Allowing this development to proceed among single-family housing violates the comprehensive plans and sets a precedent that prior planning and coordination between communities and city planners are only as good as the next developers project on any available lot.

Larry W. Satterwhite, Boise