Letters to the Editor

Shaughnessy letter: East Boise

I live in East Boise/Harris Ranch area and have been appalled at the way the area has been developed. There have been numerous exceptions and variances to established plans now there is a proposed development of an 18-building, three-story, 126-unit apartment complex with 222 parking spaces in an area previously approved for low density (being presented at May 8th P&Z meeting). I am outraged. Such a project will damage the quality of life that all of the residents of the Barber Valley chose that area for. This type of variance, if approved, is the kind of debacle that makes the P&Z look crooked.

Current and planned amenities are not designed to meet such a significant increase in density. Traffic and construction are choking our ability to move in the area.

We deserve better — better stewardship, better planning and better representation. We do not want Boise to turn into another Colorado Springs or worse — where unbridled development kills the quality of life we have and sets a dangerous precedent that opens the door to more bad development.

Mike Shaughnessy, Boise