Letters to the Editor

Boucher letter: Young people

So many younger people today are overly narcissistic, overly pampered and overly reliant on government to tell them what to do and how to do it. The newer generations that feel they are entitled to anything and everything from “government” were raised by misguided, well-intentioned parents who didn’t want their children to go without anything like they feel they did.

Health care (insurance) is not a human right; it is an individual right. During World War II employers couldn’t offer higher salaries to entice new workers, they came up with “free” medical coverage.

Today’s young people are turned out ignorant of how to survive on their own. Too many of them don’t know how to be independent. They begin incurring debt getting educations they will have no use for in the real world.

Today’s society has racked up over one trillion dollars in debt for college; over one trillion dollars in debt for automobiles; over one trillion dollars of credit card debt and over one trillion dollars in mortgage debt. Is it any wonder that people fool themselves into thinking that government can solve all their problem? The solutions they seek would cost more than they can afford.

Harold E. Boucher, Meridian