Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Single-payer system

I am finding it increasingly confusing when the GOP says they want to repeal Obamacare. Senator Risch wrote in a letter reply to me that we need more options for our own health care and that the government shouldn’t make our health care choices for us. Right now it seems like Americans either have insurance through their job (and most people don’t apply for jobs based on the insurance provider) or they have insurance on the health care exchange. The person who has insurance on the exchange may actually have more choices than the one getting insurance through his employer, as it’s just his or her insurance by default. There really isn’t much choice in health care because it’s often life or death, sickness or health. What’s important is that people can get care that’s within reach. The system in place before the ACA was unfortunate because if you were self-employed or worked for a company that didn’t offer insurance, it was really difficult to get coverage, and if you were employed, often the coverage didn’t pay for basic preventative care and denied coverage for some with pre-existing conditions. Isn’t a single-payer system the way to go?

Hayley Anderson, Boise