Letters to the Editor

Veldhouse letter: Labrador

I would like to publicly thank Rep. Raúl Labrador for being an accessible leader and civil servant to the people he represents in Congress. Last year, Mr. Labrador traveled to all 19 counties in his district making sure that he had the opportunity to speak to citizens from every corner of his district. This year he has already had two town hall meetings and has stated publicly that he plans to host more the next time Congress breaks for recess. According to the Idaho Statesman, Labrador opened his town hall by telling the crowd: “I don’t mind if you boo me or yell at me. That’s part of the process. But let me answer the question.” It is clear that Labrador takes his job as a representative very seriously and works hard to earn our vote throughout his two-year term, not just around Election Day. A lesser representative would shirk his responsibility to give people the opportunity to meet and ask questions about the important issues of the day. But Labrador has gone above and beyond. Maybe that is why Idaho’s 1st District continues to trust him to represent them in D.C. election after election. Thank you, Representative Labrador.

Mary Veldhouse, Boise