Letters to the Editor

Rojas letter: The homeless

I can’t help but notice all the Americans and veterans that make up most of the homeless. Where are all the refugees? Why aren’t they in the shelters with the rest of the struggling folk? How is it not one, to hardly any refugees are homeless? But veterans and Americans are homeless? We are refugees now in our own country. Mental illness, violence, abuse and other things are all reasons for most Americans and vets being homeless. Why are we the last ones to be helped? Yes, I’m homeless, yes, I’m educated, but I also have major mental issues. Where is the help for us?

I’m not trying to be negative. But where is the empathy for local refugees? What else would you call the situation we have going on in downtown Boise. And River of Life plans on “releasing” people who don’t participate in their programs here shortly. Why is there so little help for Americans? Just wish equal opportunities and equal housing opportunities were actually equal. Being homeless does weigh on the soul. It’s not fun wondering where your head will rest daily.

Manuel V. Rojas, Boise