Letters to the Editor

Rogan letter: Raul Labrador

The Constitution makes Congress answerable to the people. However, every two years is hardly enough to ensure proper representation. Elected officials must meet with those that put them in office. Congressman Raúl Labrador did just that recently. In front of a crowd of 800 constituents, Labrador answered questions for three hours at an event originally scheduled to last 90 minutes.

Recently, the news has been full of reports of representatives staying home while the House is in recess. I was happy that Raúl took time to meet with average Idahoans, even if he knew a good many in the crowd wouldn’t agree with his positions on many of the issues. Idaho has a small population compared to the rest of the country. We are allotted only two seats in the House of Representatives. Our state needs representatives willing to listen to every point of view to make sure “We the People” receive proper representation in Washington, D.C. After Raúl’s town hall, I believe now more than ever that he takes the best interests of Idahoans with him when he travels to the nation’s capital.

Joe Rogan, Eagle