Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: Communist China

Communist China just upped the ante in the South China Sea through building missile storage buildings. Summarized: the aged military leadership has long viewed war with the U.S. as inevitable; they build “islands” and then declare 200 nautical mile exclusionary zones; in response to President Bush sailing one of our destroyers through the area, they construct the missile storage facilities; and, during the playing of our National Anthem, the Chinese President acted with anything but respect. Most of the other nations in the immediate vicinity are our allies who depend upon the South China Seas’ fisheries for survival. Meanwhile, since the Communist Chinese simply lack the intellectual horsepower to develop their own weaponry, they continue with an unrelenting cyber attack on governmental and defense contractors’ computers. The situation will soon hit critical mass. I see a couple of options, we send a couple aircraft carrier groups through the area and remind Communist China who is superior. The alternative, and one which I prefer, calls for all involved nations to put aside differences and work on joint fishery controls and aqua-farms. We need a solution, otherwise we will see a ghastly war conducted by men who prefer a bullet to starvation.

Lawrence G. Sirhall, Jr., Boise