Letters to the Editor

Voloshen letter: Townhall meetings

I think it very telling that during a week Senators were supposed to be in their home states, conducting town meetings to hear what their constituents have to say, that neither Mike Crapo nor Jim Risch followed suit. I have contacted both of them via e-mail, snail mail, and messages on their voice mail about various issues almost weekly since Trump became a candidate. I either receive no answer whatsoever, or the same answer for every issue, word for word, just changing the sentence referring to the issue itself. None of my questions are answered, and it’s clear that the letters, e-mails and messages aren’t read or listened to. Mike Crapo’s mailbox has been full for over a month, so no voice mails for him from constituents. These are supposed to be our representatives. It’s time that they made time to listen to the voices of the people that they claim to represent.

Michal Voloshen, Boise