Letters to the Editor

Jordan letter: Risch and Crapo

In in Feb. 14 article, “How many DeVos calls?” Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo clearly displayed their contempt for their constituents. It was a slap in the face for the Idahoans who have called them to respectfully express our concerns and ask how they intend to vote on issues such as critical Cabinet appointments. We deserve answers.

Sen. Crapo’s office said our calls are “part of organized lobbying efforts coming from out of state,” and worse, “The senator takes them seriously to a point.” Really? While it’s true that many of us wish our efforts could be more organized, this wave of opposition to President Trump’s Cabinet appointments is as grass roots as it gets. We are engaged citizens taking the time to inform ourselves about the issues and reach out in good faith to our elected representatives. Expecting them to represent our interests and take us seriously is not an unreasonable favor to ask — it’s supposed to be their job.

By brushing us off and giving misleading information to the press while refusing to answer simple questions about call volumes, they are making it clear that whoever they “represent” in Washington, it is not the people of Idaho.

Peggy M. Jordan, Boise