Letters to the Editor

Hurley letter: Presidents

On Presidents Day we should think about notable U.S. presidents of the past: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Nixon, Reagan. What made those presidents and their administrations great, or not?

My concern is this administration appears to value personal loyalty to the president above everything. My concern is the Cabinet, other people in the administration and Congress will not tell the White House when they are wrong. My concern is Congress may not exercise their constitutional responsibility to provide checks and balances to the executive (and judicial) branch.

I grew up in Arizona (and have lived in Boise for almost 29 years). I was never more proud of being from Arizona and a Republican than in August 1974, when John Rhodes, Barry Goldwater (and Hugh Scott) told Richard Nixon that he no longer had enough support in Congress to prevent his impeachment and conviction; Nixon resigned shortly thereafter. Are we to that point with this president? No. But I would rather see people in his Cabinet and in Congress show loyalty to the American people and the Constitution rather than just to the president, so we do not reach that same point as August 1974.

Kelly Hurley, Boise