Letters to the Editor

Gilbert letter: Bill Manahan

In his letter published on Feb. 19, Bill Manahan declares that the “socialists in our media and government ‘schools’ need to be re-educated.” This follows his claim that “young people, students, voted for the slavery and poverty of socialism (Stalin Hitler and Mao, etc., were socialists).” A little bit of reality: Stalin and Mao were communists and Hitler was a Nazi. One of the few things they had in common was their intense dislike of socialists.

The “slavery and poverty” that “socialists” like Bernie Sanders desire consists of things like universal health care, a decent minimum wage, a clean environment, a strong safety net, Social Security, etc. You know, those things you can find in the enslaved and poverty-stricken Scandinavian countries.

Finally, I suspect Mr. Manahan doesn’t realize that “re-education” was a standard communist tool of oppression, particularly favored by Mao and the Khmer Rouge.

Robert Gilbert, Sun Valley