Letters to the Editor

Rael letter: Oppose Dry Creek development

I oppose the Dry Creek Ranch development proposed by Boise Hunter Homes. The Dry Creek Valley is a spectacular part of our community and it is abundant in cultural, historical, ecological, agricultural and recreational value.

Additionally, I am concerned because Ada County Development Services failed to provide notice for the public hearing on Dec. 15, 2016.

Idaho Code and Ada County Ordinance require that notice be published in an official newspaper at least 15 days prior to a public hearing. I was told that because the issue was tabled at an earlier hearing, it was not required to be re-noticed. I have found no evidence supporting this claim.

Public hearings give people a chance to have their voices heard about issues affecting their community. If the public is not valued as an integral part of this process (as a lack of notice would suggest), then a public hearing does not serve its important purpose.

We must work with our government to ensure that openness and transparency remain a priority. Therefore, I respectfully ask the Board of County Commissioners to remand the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision and to reschedule the December hearing, this time providing proper notice to the public.

Stephanie Rael, Boise