Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Steve Bannon

I am extremely concerned that Steve Bannon, on leave from Breitbart News, has been appointed as senior adviser to President-elect Trump’s transition team. If he is serious about being president for all Americans, Trump has not shown that by selecting Bannon. Breitbart has been and continues to be a racist, sexist and misogynist publication that represents the worst of America’s history. Because of his work at Breitbart, I have no doubt that Bannon will continue to express those views to the president-elect. As a woman of European-American ancestry, I am extremely concerned at the increase in hateful actions against many minority people, including children; those with varying political views; or those with different religions. This harassment began when Donald Trump was campaigning for the nomination. As president-elect, he must dismiss Bannon and do much more to condemn and discourage such prejudicial discriminatory actions. Saying “stop it” a couple of times on a single TV broadcast is totally insufficient. No single group of people should be ignored nor denigrated. And no single group of people should attain priority over another.

MaryEvelyn Smith, Boise