Letters to the Editor

Johnson letter: Clinton defeat

This is an open letter to all you losers out there regarding Clinton’s election defeat. You say you are “shocked, distraught, saddened and angry” at the final results. Here is a short list of what went “wrong” and why you are feeling despair: 1. The pollsters were wrong. 2. The media was wrong. 3. Your local newspaper was wrong. 4. Your college professors were wrong. 5. The so-called celebrities were wrong. 6.Your political party was wrong. Your party didn’t work hard enough. You, personally, didn’t put forth any effort. You were overconfident and complacent. And, most importantly, you underestimated your opponent.

Your hopeful lost in a fair election. Instead of accepting that, you protest, although you really don’t even know what you are protesting. This is real life, people. Not everyone gets a trophy. Deal with it.

Jim R. Johnson, Meridian