Letters to the Editor

Cagle letter: Police killings

What exactly is a “nonaggressor death” as mentioned in an Oct. 9 letter? Thousands? Over what time period? Ryan Tennant doesn’t say or is he using hyperbole to attempt to justify his point? I assume Tennant is referring to 2016 statistics when he cites that over 1,000 nonviolent people were killed in nine months and 19 days. According to the site “Killedbypolice.net” (which I believe is an anti-police site), 891 people have been killed nationally by police as of Oct. 8, 2016. Without researching each of those 891 cases I would guess most of the suspects had committed a violent felony, were armed with some type of weapon, and were actively resisting arrest.

Mr. Tennant was correct when he stated Norwegian police have only killed two people in 14 years. Totally different society compared to the USA. The criminals weren’t killing Norwegian police at a record pace. During that 14-year span, Norwegian police were only routinely armed for one year and one year they were allowed to have weapons locked in their cars. They have since gone back to being unarmed as a national policy.

As I write this I am mourning two more heroes shot and killed in Palm Springs.

Scott Cagle, Star