Letters to the Editor

Place letter: Christianity

Christian clergy and the laity are today running into an issue that has plagued Christianity even at its inception: Gainsayers have been and are asserting that the Bible is not infallible. Some of the clergy and laity have preached and are being preached to accept the notion that the Bible is not to be established as the basis of Christianity, rather it’s to be other way round. This sets up a perilous scenario wherein the Bible may be changeable so as to allow theology to become man-centered rather than God-centered.

A Bible-based Christian must realize that God is unchangeable, and thus so must be his word, the Bible. Man cannot determine what is sin; that is only the purview of God, who expresses what is sin, through the Bible. This is due to the truth that man, unlike God, is quite capable of change and is imperfect.

A Christian hymn expresses the contrast of being on sold rock as opposed to being on sinking sand. If anyone preaches against being Bible-based, he must stop immediately. The temptation to be affected by cash-flow is rampant but must resisted, even at the peril of losing many of the congregation.

William R. Place, Boise