Statesman Editorial: Give it up for Idaho Gives; help a nonprofit

Today we’re giving you a 12- to 24-hour head start — depending on when you read this — to hit the ground giving Thursday for the third version of “Idaho Gives,” a 24-hour online day of charitable giving sponsored by the Idaho Nonprofit Center.

It is Christmas for roughly 675 Idaho nonprofits, and you are Santa Claus. You get to be an enabler and send a dollop of a donation to one, or all of them if you so desire. We think it would be very Idahoan of you to pound the keyboard and impact your community.

Some of us are under the impression the government and social service agencies have everything covered when it comes to helping Idahoans. Not even close. The fact that there are hundreds of nonprofits out there doing things for people should be evidence of the need. Idaho Gives elaborates:

• Idaho Gives is a 24-hour day of online charitable giving, happening Thursday. Donors can go


on or before the big day to find, learn about, and support nonprofit causes they love.

• Donors give directly to the nonprofits they want to support, and their donations can help the nonprofits they support win extra money from the $55,000 Idaho Gives award pool. That’s what makes this day really fun and exciting, and why donors should consider donating on Thursday, through Idaho Gives.

• With so many nonprofit causes participating, chances are — whatever your beliefs, background or convictions — you’ll be able to find a nonprofit to support.

• In two years, Idahoans have stepped up, donating more than $1.2 million to nonprofits.

• A 2012 Idaho Nonprofit Center study showed charitable organizations employ more than 32,000 people in Southwest Idaho — meaning 1 in 10 in Southwest Idaho work for a nonprofit. The same study revealed nonprofits are responsible for infusing 2.5 billion in revenue into the local economy.

And in case you didn’t already figure this into the equation, according to the Idaho Gives website, your donations are deductible: “All donations on idahogives.razoo.com are made to the Razoo Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which permits donors to advise a regranting of their donations to IRS 501(c)(3) organizations. All gifts are 100% tax deductible ... ”

We hope you decide to give it up Idaho. It’s a win all around.

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