Featured letters: ‘Angry white males’ aren’t going away any time soon

The so-called “hard hat riot” at Federal Hall in New York in 1970.
The so-called “hard hat riot” at Federal Hall in New York in 1970.

Two letters writers took exception to a Bloomberg View piece (Aug. 24 Statesman) in which author Francis Wilkinson predicted the demise of the ‘angry white males’ as a viable political force in America.

Harris letter: Angry white males

A response to Francis Wilkinson’s diatribe against “angry white males” in the Aug. 24 Statesman is required in order to maintain the sanity of your readers, methinks.

Although white males are the only minority who may be blasphemed and attacked without any concern for the resultant “hurt feelings” or “unacceptable insult,” this article takes the cake. Need Wilkinson be reminded that it has been the “angry white males” who have fought every war since the Revolution, were responsible for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and who have driven the economic system by in large, at least until the government has taken over that role, and who have preserved what is left of the American culture of fair play and hard work?

Wilkinson is probably right about the decline and eventual “end” of this despised class of bullies. I hope that when America finally devolves into an Ethiopia (or worse) Wilkinson feels less threatened by such beasts.

Jim C. Harris, Boise

Coates letter: Angry white males

In response to the liberal article by Francis Wilkinson, “The beginning of the end for angry white males?” Aug. 24, I ask what’s so wrong with being an angry white male?

If you didn’t have us you wouldn’t have a nation called the United States of America. Slavery would still be in business. America would have been split in two after the Civil War. Hitler would have been triumphant. And communism and now radical Islam would take over the world.

I’m proud to be an American angry white male and getting angrier and angrier at the cesspool of lies, corruption, betrayal and liberal treason spreading like a malignant terminal cancer, but in the name of political correctness told to, “Sit down and shut up you racist.”

I’m not racist and don’t expect me to become extinct anytime soon.

Duane Coates, Meridian