Yantis letter-writers sound off on ruling

Statesman Editorial Staff

Wasden announces no charges in Yantis shooting

Two Adams County sheriff’s deputies won’t face criminal charges in the death of a 62-year-old rancher, the Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said Friday.
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Two Adams County sheriff’s deputies won’t face criminal charges in the death of a 62-year-old rancher, the Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said Friday.

In the 10 days since the Idaho Attorney General’s office decided no charges were warranted in the shooting death of Adams County rancher Jack Yantis after a shootout with Adams County deputies, we have received a number of phone calls and letters commenting on that decision. Here is sampling of some of those letters:

Fouts: Something ‘rotten’ about Yantis shooting

Idaho “Justice?” Law officers shoot a man 12 times and it’s not called murder. Rotten, rotten, rotten!

Robert Fouts, Parma

Attorney General Wasden walks reporters through the Nov. 1 shooting of Council rancher Jack Yantis. Wasden's office announced July 29, 2016, it would not pursue criminal charges against the deputies involved.

Jones: Yantis killing ‘needless’

I am outraged by the determination of our attorney general, Lawrence Wasden, to drop any consideration of charges to be filed in the killing of rancher Jack Yantis. It is pretty clear that both officers used extremely bad judgment during the whole incident. Gut shooting an already gravely injured bull before anyone bothered to contact the owner and then instigating an altercation with the rancher whom they had just called to take care of the bull, resulted in the needless death of this man.

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To make matters worse, both officers refused to render any type of aid to the dying man and would not let anyone else do so. His wife was treated like a criminal and handcuffed, resulting in an almost fatal heart attack that she is still recovering from. We learned that an “officer safety alert” issued for unstable behavior and a previous excessive-force incident that resulted in a settlement for the victim and dismissal for officer Brian Wood from the McCall police force had occurred. Extreme disregard for human life and animal suffering is not the type of behavior I want to see in our police force. Something needs to be done here.


A handful of people gathered at the Capitol on Saturday, July 30, 2016, to protest the Idaho attorney general's decision not to press charges against two Adams County sheriff's deputies in the fatal shooting of rancher Jack Yantis.

Hitesman: Yantis shooters ‘got away with it’

Before I have my say, I want you readers to know that I personally know several good people in law enforcement. That being said, they don’t have to have a reason to shoot but have the right to shoot you because they can and are wearing a law enforcement uniform. I will never, ever call for help from a cop.

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And I pray and hope to God I never get pulled over. They shot Mr. Yantis 12 times; 12! Sounds like these officers need to go to the firing range and do some practice; and how to lie and get away it.

Oh wait, they have already accomplished that, they got away with it already. My condolences to the Yantis family and I hope they sue for hundreds of millions of dollars. Everyone in the chain of command of these two officers should resign and be sued.


Mayer: Wasden should be fired

Idaho — the Police State. This should be the new state moniker. Gov. Butch Otter should fire Lawrence Wasden and appoint a special prosecutor to hold the shooters of Jack Yantis accountable. Apparently, only police lives (any color, gender, anywhere, anytime, any situation) matter, regardless of their lawlessness.

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Most cops aren’t sworn officers of the law; are inadequately trained; have low self-esteem (while narcissistic); are ignorant of the law; and arrogantly suppose their badge, uniform and gun affords them automatic respect/more rights than the citizen. “Boston T. Party,” a.k.a. Kenneth W. Royce, in “You And The Police” says to respectfully, knowledgeably and calmly assert one’s rights every time a cop is encountered — or lose them. Nationwide on every level only a third are “good cops” (and half of them are ignorant), another third are “intimidating cops, and the rest are “rogue” (most of these are federal).

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“When Tyranny Becomes Law — Rebellion Becomes Duty.” Write, call, protest, demonstrate/march, and/or join United States Concealed Carry Alliance, NRA, Idaho 2ND Amendment Alliance, 3 Percenters, etc. to expand your voice. If comfortable with it, always carry, open and concealed, now legal without a “permit.”