Robert Ehlert: Today’s Questions on gay marriage, flags draw some fire

We asked about your past triple-digit temperature experiences and how you coped.

We asked what you thought of Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s decision to remove the Mississippi state flag from in front of City Hall.

And then we asked what you thought of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage — whether it struck you as a “constitutional” conclusion or an act of “legislating from the bench.”

These are among the topics posted on Today’s Question since we launched the feature on Father’s Day.

Your answers have run the gamut from pithy to pitched to polarized, especially on the matters of the Mississippi flag and the court’s marriage ruling.

I will occasionally use this space to do a recap for the benefit of those who have not yet found their way to Facebook to give a response. It’s easy.

The news events of last week were pretty incredible: a bunch of Supreme Court rulings covering everything from the Affordable Care Act to the altar, the Confederate flag flap, the escaped prisoners in New York, and the Adam Dees guilty plea to triple murder in the Treasure Valley.

Here are some responses to a few of our Today’s Questions so far.

On coping with the heat . . .

Terri Jo Heimark Feilzer I lived in Phoenix in 1990 when it hit 122. Even the pool water was warm. The radio station fried an egg on the pavement. We stayed cool by going to the movie theater.

Tracie Pickens-Jones I lived in Phoenix the same time you did, Terri, I beat the heat by moving and never having to deal with 122 degrees ever again!!!

Dale Jenkins 131° Riyadh Saudi Arabia. 119° in the shade of the planes on the tarmac.

On Bieter removing the Mississippi flag. . .

Matthew Mueller I agree that Mayor Bieter’s action is somewhat reactionary, but ultimately I believe it to be the correct choice.

Jeff Hewitt It was a stupid reactionary move.

Don Larsen Bieter is a follower not a leader. It’s a state flag not a Civil War flag. The flag didn’t make this person kill people. Is this the Bieter you voted for????

Neysa Jensen I think it is a good move. Our city stands for inclusion, acceptance, diversity.

Teri Finn Lupoli Good.

Jim Trotter Choosing to chastise Mississippi by removing its state symbol is an act of prejudice and discrimination, no different than judging a person by the clothes they wear or the color of their skin. If the mayor wants to remove one flag, he should remove them all.

On the same-sex marriage ruling. . .

Rick Murphree It’s better than legislating from the church pulpit because that has been outlawed by the founding fathers as this country is not ruled by religion. If you don’t like that, please move to a country that is ruled by religion. Bye, bye.

Jim Jetmore Legislating, which is unconstitutional.

Ryan M. Jensen Equal rights is not constitutional? Liberals aren’t telling straight people to try being gay. Why is it acceptable the other way around?

Deane Blakeslee In my opinion, legislating from the bench. This branch of our government is overstepping their responsibility!

Christian Schwab The Supreme Court can only give a opinion which no other branch of government has to recognize. Examples would include the “trail of tears,” “ Slavery/Debt prisons are legal,” etc... Does not mean the states have to abide.

Brandon Butler Not true, the Supreme Court has final say. Marriage is now for all, get over it and move on. If you don’t support gay marriage don’t get gay married. But do not deny others that right. It was a ruling based in the Constitution that everyone deserves equal protection in the eyes of the law. Justice Kennedy did not say our opinion is ... Follow it if you want to. His ruling says it is so ordered!

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