Idaho Statesman brings daily stock market report back to newspaper

Thank you. I have talked to so many loyal, passionate readers since we launched our new format. I appreciate all of you for being subscribers, for taking the time to give me feedback and for being willing to listen to why I made the changes I did.

I can’t change everything, but starting today, we will bring back the daily stock market report.

We will anchor it under the weather in the main news section, right where we put the weekly stock market report a few weeks ago on Saturdays.

A number of you told me how valuable that half-page of targeted content is – and you can’t get it elsewhere. For some of you, it’s because you don’t have or use computers; for others, it’s because our report was tailored to this market and we made it very easy for you to get the exact information you wanted.

Business editor Dave Staats, who worked very hard to give readers the best information he could in that space, is surprised and pleased at how much you appreciate his effort.

We also want to thank everyone who participated in our readership survey. We are working hard to give you the content that is most important to you. The survey is still available online and we hope even more of you will participate. This survey is being done in partnership with the American Press Institute and will help us decide what topics to cover moving forward. We want to hear from as many folks as possible.

Because this survey is already in the market, and most folks are giving us reaction on the new format at the same time, a separate survey on the new format will not be done at this time. If you want to give feedback and don’t have access to a computer, just call me.

More change is coming to the Statesman. On Monday, we launched our new multimedia publishing system. It is a huge change for us, but hopefully it will be invisible to you. We’ve been training for the transition for five weeks. We have talented trainers and support staff to help us through the first two weeks. In a few months, as we master it, it should allow us to focus more on content as it simplifies and streamlines production of our stories and photos in the newspaper, and on our website and mobile and tablet apps. It also will make it easier for us to share content with our fellow McClatchy newspapers across the country. That should mean better content for you.

For those of you missing the “Get Fuzzy” comic strip, we had to substitute it because the creator is no longer doing the strip.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we go through this evolution in the industry. While we are grappling with new ways to tell stories in the digital era, know that our core values remain the same: to be your trusted news source, to hold the powerful accountable and to share the stories that make a difference in this community every day.