Jones letter: Taking a knee

Taking a knee was Colin Kaepernick’s expression of his First Amendment right to protest the failure to address long-ignored social injustice issues. The draft-dodging, unprincipled, untruthful egomaniac occupying the White House immediately mislabeled the NFL star’s courageous action as an attack on the American flag and our military heroes.

President Trump’s decision to further divide the nation by making this a national issue certainly intimidated NFL owners. They blackballed Kaepernick and will severely punish players in the upcoming season who dare take a knee.

A lifetime NFL fan, my respect for these great athletes would rise to new heights if they honored Kaepernick’s courage by calling their employers’ bluff. All Americans respect the American flag and national anthem, but millions are convinced the corrupt Trump administration deserves no respect.

The “Me Too” women’s movement, “Black Lives Matter” group, “Never Again” teenage victims of gun violence and every citizen determined to end governing chaos should join Kaepernick’s peaceful protest. Ending the protest would require Trump to cooperate with Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation and cut the Republican’s umbilical cord to the NRA gun lobby, pharmaceutical industry, wealthy campaign contributors and their white extremist, anti-immigration, anti-minority voting base.

Alston Jones, Boise