Dewey letter: Need more balance

It is hard to believe I am in conservative Idaho when I read the letters to the Statesman or the online comments. The Statesman readers seem so far left that they make the New York Times and Washington Post comment sections look like Infowars by comparison. The only explanation I can think of is that the Statesman has focused so much on left leaning sources that conservatives must be dropping their subscriptions

And no wonder. The main source of national political news and commentary comes from the far left sources of the NYT, Washington Post, LA Times and Bloomberg. The AP and McClatchy are not as biased, but still lean left and are anti Trump.

All of your regular columnists are anti Trump. Readers of the anti-Trump drumbeat would never know that Trump’s approval rating is presently at 48 percent according to Rasmussen. That’s four points higher than Obama at this same state of the presidency. That’s got to be a miracle when you consider all the media aligned against him.

How about some balance like countering far left Leonard Pitts with Ann Coulter or Bloomberg with Breitbart or the New York Times with the Washington Times?

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise