Woodard letter: Department of Interior

The Interior Secretary has expressed concern that some employees are not loyal to the Trump administration. As a former BLM Executive, I have experienced several administration changes, and yet by in large, employees remain loyal to each administration. The recent announcement about reducing sage grouse ranges and the expansion of oil and gas exploration is typical.

1. BLM employees would cheer the Secretary’s idea of moving national headquarters to the West. Why not Boise?

2. Congress and the Secretary should move this winter to fix the wildfire funding situation for the BLM and Forest Service.

3. Someone needs to take the lead on new legislation to sell surplus wild horses. As long as we have healthy wild horse herds in the West, why pay for lifetime care of surplus animals?

4. Expedite the adjustments the Secretary wants to make to enlarged National Monuments by the past administration.

Larry Woodard, Meridian